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Welcome!  Let's Go Global.

I am Tara Thomas.  I'm a school librarian and a life-long learner.   I am also a 2018-2019 Fellow of the Fulbright Teachers for Global Education Program.   This Global Education Guide will share what I have learned and continue to learn as a result of the Fulbright TGC Program, define and encourage global education, offer examples and resources for ways of going global and glocal.  It will change and grow as I hope to do.  I invite you to check back often and share this journey as I  study, teach, and travel globally!

What is Global Education?  Why does it matter?


This website is not an official

U. S. Department of State website.  The views and information presented are the participant's own and do not represent the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, the U. S. Department of State, or IREX.

Love the World

Global Education is "a form of education which:

  • enables people to understand the links between their own lives and those of people throughout the world.

  • increases understanding of the economic, cultural, political and environmental influences which shape our lives

  • develops the skills, attitudes and values which enable people to work together to bring about change and take control of their own lives

  • works towards achieving a more just and sustainable world in which power and resources are more equitably shared."


Hicks, David.  "A Rationale for Global Education." 

          UNESCO,  April 30, 2019,


It matters because...

As an educator, I am preparing students to live in a world that is more interconnected than ever.  All businesses have connections to other countries.   The two largest employers in my city are international companies, International Paper and FedEx.   Communities are made up of people from other countries.  I must encourage understanding in order to be a responsible and effective educator.


There are human issues that affect all of us.  Therefore, all of us must work together to find answers to these problems.  In order for us to work together, we must learn to communicate effectively with each other.   "Global competency is  the capacity and disposition to act on issues of global significance."  

"What is global competence?"  World Savvy,      World  Savvy

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